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The company Gestión de Trincajes y Cargas Asturias is a company incorporated on 16 September 2019, but its managers have a long history both as port operators and in the field of logistics, being familiar with the market nodes in which intermodality is a vital factor.
It is a project aimed at providing warehouse services and logistical support in the port or at the premises of customers who require different modes of transport, specialising in the filling and emptying of goods transported in sea containers, lashing, handling and packaging of different goods.

Agility in response, comprehensive solutions, responsibility and traceability of our customers' goods are our hallmarks.
The interest and willingness to collaborate of freight forwarding companies that do not have their own port operators or the need for logistical support in the filling and securing of goods inside containers by companies that constantly export or import through the port of El Musel have made this project a reality.

Infrastructure and machinery.

The company considers it vital to be totally autonomous from the outset, and is committed to having all the necessary means of its own for the correct development of the activity without the need for third parties.

We are located in the heart of the port of Musel, as it is the nerve centre for the development of our activity.
Our offices are located in the Port Operators Building 1.

The operational facilities are located on the Muelle de la Osa quay, 100 metres from the container terminal, the RORO quay and the customs gate. The current occupancy is 1000 m² of which 500m² is a warehouse. Should the need for more metres arise, the agility of processing makes it possible for the requested metres to be made available almost immediately.

We have Reachstacker machines for handling full containers and parts, forklift trucks from 4500 kg to 25000 kg lifting capacity as well as vehicles for the transport of all types of containers or general cargo.


Our aim is to make "our port" attractive to companies, and for them to reach further with their products, thus creating new market niches outside our borders.
To do this, in each case we carry out studies of the goods, of the destinations, we analyse packaging, means of securing, optimisation of occupation, etc... All of this is done to optimise and make viable projects that used to use other means of transport or that simply could not reach their destination due to cost.
We innovate when carrying out our work by substituting conventionally used lashing systems (chains and cables) with cordlash, (high resistance synthetic tapes, largely made from recycled materials), thus improving safety for our workers, speeding up the execution of the work, helping to conserve our environment and achieving cost savings. We also work with packaging materials, offering our clients packaging derived from specific, customised wood conglomerates, avoiding the use of solid wood wherever possible.
Technologically, we have a picking system for our customers who require it, in which we can include the traceability of the goods, thus guaranteeing both the location of the goods and the control of their handling.
With all this we want to be a company of reference in the port of Gijón and an important support for the export or import of companies, making them see that it is an essential means for the revitalisation and expansion of business, as well as getting goods that are being transported by land onto the ship, thus achieving a reduction in emissions, cost savings and greater security.